New Chris Hunter Adventure

$2.99 Amazon Kindle

Some business. Psychosis is the new Chris Hunter Adventure. It will be premiering only digital on Amazon Kindle. It will be online available for free download from July 9-13. A month later, it will be packaged with Kickback and War Crimes as an omnibus edition that will only be available in trade paperback.

Now, to Psychosis.

Jean-Pierre Gouraud has gone missing, but not for the usual reasons. He’s been struck by schizophrenia and is wandering Vientiane, Laos, crazy and in his boxers.

Chris Hunter is tasked with finding him and overseeing his confinement in a hospital in Thailand, or France. Chris, however, is plagued by memories of the past and the trouble he experienced because of his sister’s mental health problems.

The clock is ticking before Jean-Pierre does something irreversible for either Greater Dragon Asia, or himself.

The image at the top is the cover of the adventure. Remember, available for download from July 9.




Part three of the Chris Hunter adventures is on the editing table. I’ve gone through it three times, but I’ve got the hard drafts ahead of me. I’m not sure when I’m going to put this out, probably the end of June, something which I will announce when I decide it, but this announcement will still be relevant.

While I’ve enjoyed writing these shorter pieces, I’m now convinced that a longer fiction is more commercial, and as I hope someday to make a living this way, I need to keep commercial issues in mind.

Know then, that Schizophrenia is the last deliberate short. From here on out the focus will be on novel length stories. Of course, if I run across something I want to keep small, then of course I’ll write it, but from here on out think big.

I also wanted to say that this third entry in the series is possible the most personal piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

Chris Hunter is sent to Laos to search for the CEO of Grester Dragon Laos. The man has gone missing, but his last interactions with staff suggested a mental health issue. . .manly schizophrenia.

Perhaps the biggest reason this is personal is that I have schizoaffective disorder, which is part of the schizophrenia family of mental illness. I had a major psychotic break in Phnom Penn, Cambodia, and spent nearly two weeks wandering around the city crazy and in various states of dress. It was embarrassing once I got on meds and was stabilized, but the truth remained, I very well could have had more serious repercussions.

So there is a lot of my own story in this, but don’t let that deter you. I think it’s a great story and I hope you enjoy it.



War Crimes, a Chris Hunter Adventure, comes to digital fans on April 9. It will be available on Amazon for free download for five days, from the 9th to the 13th. After that the price will be $2.99.

Above is the cover art for the adventure.

The Last Interrogator

War Crimes, the about to be released Chris Hunter adventure, is based on the reality of war in Cambodia. Decades ago, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime emptied the cities of Cambodia in what was considered a mass collectivization of ten million people. They thought that agriculture would teach the intellectuals and city dwellers equality with the landed peasantry. This didn’t work and as a result millions died from torture, violence and starvation.

Part of the criminal enterprise that was the Khmer Rouge was the secret police, or Santebal. The head of the Santebal was Comrade Duch, a school teacher by training who took control of S-21, Tuol Sleng, or the death prison.

At this prison he used interrogators to question and torture thousands of people who, after they admitted to cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies–rarely based in actual fact–were hit on the back of the head with shovels and buried in mass graves. From sixteen to twenty-thousand people died in Tuol Sleng.

Leak Nath’s father was one of the interrogators. He kept a journal of his tortures including the names of those who worked with him in the violence of Tuol Sleng. While his father died in the 3rd Indochina War, his godfather kept the journal and handed it down to Leak at his maturity.

In the present he is kidnapped by a group comprised of victim’s families, who are desperate for revenge against the men who tortured and killed their ancestors. They want the journal from Leak’s father because of the information which it contains, information that would unveil all of the interrogators and bring to light those war criminals who worked for the Santebal.

Chris Hunter, Leak’s best friend and colleague, joins forces with Leak’s sister Sophea and the head of Greater Dragon Cambodia to find Leak and keepsafe the journal before it can fall into the wrong hands, hands that seek revenge, rather than reconciliation.

War Crimes, a Chris Hunter Adventure, will be released on April 9, and will be available for free download from Amazon Kindle for five days starting with the release date. After the five days expire it will be available for sale at $2.99 a download.


War Crimes Imminent

My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for a month or so, but I’m back and with news.

First off, the second Chris Hunter adventure, War Crimes, will be released on Amazon on April 10. It is the story of retribution and forgiveness after the devastation and terror of the Khmer Rouge disaster.

Then, in short order will come the third Chris Hunter adventure, Schizophrenia. The story of an executive in the third world going crazy, and all the efforts of Hunter’s experience to find him.

And then, I’ve begun work on a full length novel about Chris Hunter which will hopefully be ready later this year.

Free Stuff

I used my free ad allowance on Facebook to spread the cheer of my Monday blog post. There was one thing that I forgot to mention in the post, and I want to make that clear:

From Monday, January 29 to Friday, February 2, Bloody Sunday will be available for free download on Kindle. Assuming, of course, that I can figure out how to do that.

That is all.


The Big One for Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday
$9.99 trade paperback
$5.99 Kindle digital Also available for pre-order
January 29, 2018

Haiti is a rough place, for decades ruled by the Duvalier family and their armed militia the Tonton Macoutes. In 1987, though, the last Duvalier was chased from the island. A military Junta took over the country, only to be winnowed into a committee of one, General Henri Namphy who vows to hold a free and fair election.

On November 29, 1987, the election is scheduled, but when the Tonton Macoutes, watched by the army, massacre a polling site in downtown Port-au-Prince, the idea of fair elections fades, and unimaginable consequences ensue.

For an affluent intellectual has recorded the massacre on videotape, and American reporter, Hilton Greene, discovers it. In exchange for the video, the intellectual puts his son in Greene’s hands. A Brevet Adoption, if you will.

Chased by the chief inspector of the Port-au-Prince police, Greene and the intellectual’s son move from one hope to the next as they evade capture and try to find a way out of Haiti, one that will ensure their safety and the integrity of the shocking videotape.

Bloody Sunday is a cat-and-mouse thriller in the best sense. Only time will tell who will win the chase, the breakaway reporter or the intrepid detective.


While you can find more at the link above, I am giving away bookplates to the first ten reviews on, and a signed copy of one of my books to the best review amongst that grouping.

About the Author

You can find a full biography and bibliography at the above link to the Amazon author’s page. I have not published much material yet, but there is plenty to come in the next few months. In short, though, I am crazy.

I wasn’t diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder until 2017, though I had lived with it since 2003. While hallucinating and delusional on an almost daily basis, I managed to earn three degrees, finish several novels, and work as an international lawyer for several years. I have been writing since I was in the second-grade.

I have also opened a new email for business related to my writing. You can contact me, the publisher, at the linked email.




Bloody Sunday Contest


Bloody Sunday hits Amazon in a little less than a week and a half. It will hit in digital and in hardcopy. As the time is fast approaching, I want to spell out a contest in relation to the book.

  • The best Amazon review (among the first ten reviews) will receive a free, signed copy of either Noy and Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk or the Chris Hunter Omnibus Vol. 1 which will be published later this year.
  • The remainder of the first ten reviewers will receive a signed bookplate and a letter of gratitude from yours truly, the author.

I’m still figuring out Goodreads, so for now, the contest is limited to Amazon reviews. I’m excited to see what you all think.




Bloody Sunday Cover Image

Yay. It’s Bloody Sunday.

I uploaded the digital version for pre-order. Which is available for $5.99. Come Monday 29 January, though, the digital version will be available for free download for a week. But I got the cover today and I wanted to let you all see it.

It’s Haiti. It’s Haiti covered with hills and mountains and coastal waters. It’s Haiti where president-for-life is a common phrase heard after an election. Corruption, graft, violence and fear all are part of Haiti. And come Monday 29 January, you can read all about it either digitally or in hard copy

It just keeps getting better and better. . .