Kickback Cover Image

August 1 is just around the corner and Kickback is soon to hit Kindle again, revised and improved. Going through the text seven times really makes for some picayune changes, but I think every one of them was for the better.

Above is the cover for the story. And the word length is approximately 32,000, which makes it a long novella. It will retail at $2.99 and may eventually have some sales involved.

We learn a lot more about Chris Hunter this time around, his early life taking a central role as he navigates the obstacles put before him by the scheming and corrupt.

Why an adventure?

I call this series the Chris Hunter Adventures because they are just that, adventures. I can’t call them mysteries because they will not be exclusively mysteries. Some of them will be shoot ’em ups, others will involve chases, some may not be thought of yet. But I have several ideas waiting in the wings.

As I said before in this blog, I want to be able to publish these adventures under my own name, which is why I withdrew the original incarnation from Kindle so I could revamp and rewrite. Now I have done it, and it is time to put this story into the world for good.

August 1. Check Amazon. The adventures are calling.





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