Vietnam and Hurricane Florence

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Phong Dien solar farm is live, or nearly so. That’s alternative energy live in Vietnam. As an American, and a most time expat, I appreciate this. Vietnam is taking steps, along with other nations, to do things that the United States has refused to do under the current administration.

This is exciting. Where for much of the last century, the US has been the leader in technology development, Asia is pivoting to take that title. From Eastern Asia to Indochina and South Asia the worlds largest continent seems set to take over this crisis essential project.

This is essential, I think in part, because I have just recently, like hours ago, lived through Hurricane Florence on the east coast of the United States. Environmental impact is important for investors.


Because Asia is become more and more environmentally conscience and contributing to a healthy environment is a positive step in corporate responsibility. Especially in a place where a good quarter of the country is doomed to be impacted by sea level rising.

I remember walk-in get past a building downtown, it was constructed with American money, but it also took its cue from a once more enlightened administration and boasted its environmental credentials. (When I say administration I don’t refer to Hanoi, but to DC,

There are a lot of ways that investors in Vietnam can assist with this push for environmental awareness and responsibility. I won’t go into a list, because I hate lists, but investors can help by leading the way. Whether that means buildings are constructed with zero net environmental impact, or that ODA money is spent on upgrading the country’s buses to natural gas or some other more environmentally friendly fuel, or even building green buildings like China has announced, a forest in a high rise apartment building.

And where is the law in this? It’s in the law in environment and supplemental legislation. There are people in Hanoi who know what’s up, and they have cracked down in recent years in corporate polluters. It’s part of Doi Moi in a way, a continued plan to improve Vietnam’s global standing in all sorts of ways. But today, remember, the environment won’t get better on its own, and even if you’re a Trump Republican, you should still be able to see the importance of taking care of something so finite, so limited that we are running out of time.

Psychosis is Me

As I’ve already written, the premise of Psychosis: A Chris Hunter Adventure is that the head of Greater Dragon Laos goes crazy, as a psychotic break, and disappears somewhere in Vientiane. Chris Hunter is tasked to find him. As he struggles with his past and psychosis, he struggles to find the Laos CEO.

Now, I’ve also said that some of the events in Psychosis happened to me in Phnom Penh, Cambodia back in 2011.

This wasn’t my first time going crazy. I’d had initial psychotic breaks in the early 2000s, but this was the first time I was hospitalized and treated for mental health. That said, I utilized some of my own experience and some of my research on this story.

Thus the basis for my saying this story is based loosely on actual events.

That said, Psychosis will be hitting Amazon this coming Monday. It will be a free download for five days and then it will pop back up to $2.99. This is the last book I’m publishing for free. It also the last time I’m deliberately publishing a longer story in parts.

From now on I’ll be publishing novels. Of which I have several ready sans editing. In another month I’ll be publishing the Chris Hunter Omnibus which will include not only the first three Chris Hunter adventures, but also a sneak preview of the new series: Patricia Scott. More on that later.

I will only be publishing the Omnibus in trade paperback. So get the digital version free next week and buy the hard copy in a month for all of the extant Chris Hunter adventures.





Psychosis is real

Hey all, my last post, here, is the announcement of the third Chris Hunter adventure, Psychosis. What I didn’t tell you is that the experience of the character gone crazy is similar in some ways to my own experience going crazy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While I had friends and they tried to help me, I was pretty much crazy and on my own for two weeks in the small capital city.

When Jean-Pierre Gouraud goes crazy in Vientiane, I drew heavily on my own experience in detailing the story from his perspective. While a cousin in Bangkok, came to my rescue, I ditched him on the street. I assaulted the embassy in my boxers, and tried to get in just so I could stop the microchips in my head.

It was a crazy and scary time, and I hope I portrayed some of that in this story. I am thankful to those who tried to help, and I’m glad I survived despite attempts to cut my arteries with a busted Coke can. Apparently they don’t make it sharp enough to inflict much damage.

A good thing, I suspect. But my insanity is a big part of my experience in Asia–my first psychotic event was in Vietnam in 2003–I hope that those who are in need of help, will have the power to reach out, because it is family and friends who, in the end, are the saving grace of the mentally ill.

I’ve been lucky. My friends have helped me, and my family has supported me, despite my substance abuse, my suicide attempts, and my temporary psychotic break caused by drugs. I love them and appreciate them. All of them.

That said, look out for the July 9th release of Psychosis, the third Chris Hunter adventure.




New Chris Hunter Adventure

$2.99 Amazon Kindle

Some business. Psychosis is the new Chris Hunter Adventure. It will be premiering only digital on Amazon Kindle. It will be online available for free download from July 9-13. A month later, it will be packaged with Kickback and War Crimes as an omnibus edition that will only be available in trade paperback.

Now, to Psychosis.

Jean-Pierre Gouraud has gone missing, but not for the usual reasons. He’s been struck by schizophrenia and is wandering Vientiane, Laos, crazy and in his boxers.

Chris Hunter is tasked with finding him and overseeing his confinement in a hospital in Thailand, or France. Chris, however, is plagued by memories of the past and the trouble he experienced because of his sister’s mental health problems.

The clock is ticking before Jean-Pierre does something irreversible for either Greater Dragon Asia, or himself.

The image at the top is the cover of the adventure. Remember, available for download from July 9.




Part three of the Chris Hunter adventures is on the editing table. I’ve gone through it three times, but I’ve got the hard drafts ahead of me. I’m not sure when I’m going to put this out, probably the end of June, something which I will announce when I decide it, but this announcement will still be relevant.

While I’ve enjoyed writing these shorter pieces, I’m now convinced that a longer fiction is more commercial, and as I hope someday to make a living this way, I need to keep commercial issues in mind.

Know then, that Schizophrenia is the last deliberate short. From here on out the focus will be on novel length stories. Of course, if I run across something I want to keep small, then of course I’ll write it, but from here on out think big.

I also wanted to say that this third entry in the series is possible the most personal piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

Chris Hunter is sent to Laos to search for the CEO of Grester Dragon Laos. The man has gone missing, but his last interactions with staff suggested a mental health issue. . .manly schizophrenia.

Perhaps the biggest reason this is personal is that I have schizoaffective disorder, which is part of the schizophrenia family of mental illness. I had a major psychotic break in Phnom Penn, Cambodia, and spent nearly two weeks wandering around the city crazy and in various states of dress. It was embarrassing once I got on meds and was stabilized, but the truth remained, I very well could have had more serious repercussions.

So there is a lot of my own story in this, but don’t let that deter you. I think it’s a great story and I hope you enjoy it.



War Crimes, a Chris Hunter Adventure, comes to digital fans on April 9. It will be available on Amazon for free download for five days, from the 9th to the 13th. After that the price will be $2.99.

Above is the cover art for the adventure.

The Last Interrogator

War Crimes, the about to be released Chris Hunter adventure, is based on the reality of war in Cambodia. Decades ago, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime emptied the cities of Cambodia in what was considered a mass collectivization of ten million people. They thought that agriculture would teach the intellectuals and city dwellers equality with the landed peasantry. This didn’t work and as a result millions died from torture, violence and starvation.

Part of the criminal enterprise that was the Khmer Rouge was the secret police, or Santebal. The head of the Santebal was Comrade Duch, a school teacher by training who took control of S-21, Tuol Sleng, or the death prison.

At this prison he used interrogators to question and torture thousands of people who, after they admitted to cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies–rarely based in actual fact–were hit on the back of the head with shovels and buried in mass graves. From sixteen to twenty-thousand people died in Tuol Sleng.

Leak Nath’s father was one of the interrogators. He kept a journal of his tortures including the names of those who worked with him in the violence of Tuol Sleng. While his father died in the 3rd Indochina War, his godfather kept the journal and handed it down to Leak at his maturity.

In the present he is kidnapped by a group comprised of victim’s families, who are desperate for revenge against the men who tortured and killed their ancestors. They want the journal from Leak’s father because of the information which it contains, information that would unveil all of the interrogators and bring to light those war criminals who worked for the Santebal.

Chris Hunter, Leak’s best friend and colleague, joins forces with Leak’s sister Sophea and the head of Greater Dragon Cambodia to find Leak and keepsafe the journal before it can fall into the wrong hands, hands that seek revenge, rather than reconciliation.

War Crimes, a Chris Hunter Adventure, will be released on April 9, and will be available for free download from Amazon Kindle for five days starting with the release date. After the five days expire it will be available for sale at $2.99 a download.


War Crimes Imminent

My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for a month or so, but I’m back and with news.

First off, the second Chris Hunter adventure, War Crimes, will be released on Amazon on April 10. It is the story of retribution and forgiveness after the devastation and terror of the Khmer Rouge disaster.

Then, in short order will come the third Chris Hunter adventure, Schizophrenia. The story of an executive in the third world going crazy, and all the efforts of Hunter’s experience to find him.

And then, I’ve begun work on a full length novel about Chris Hunter which will hopefully be ready later this year.